Understand how the DeFi Foundation operates and how to get involved.


The DeFi Foundation located in Singapore is responsible for issuance of tokens to users and groups to speed up adoption. The Foundation is tasked with boosting the ecosystem, bringing in ecosystem partners, directing the development of the tools for ecosystem partners, and other activities to increase the number of ecosystem partners.

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Foundation members

The DeFi Foundation is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in Singapore. The founding members of the foundation are:

Dr. Julian Hosp

Dr. Julian Hosp


  • Serial entrepreneur, author and international blockchain expert
  • European Union Blockchain Workgroup Advisor
  • Raised close to 100M USD in the cryptocurrency space
  • Led teams of over 100 employees
U-Zyn Chua

U-Zyn Chua


  • Experienced blockchain engineer
  • Singapore Smart Nation Fellow – blockchain research for government
  • Successfully launched dozens of blockchain projects
John Rost

John Rost

Financial Advisor

  • Vast financial knowledge and exit from large insurance company in the US
Kenneth Oh

Kenneth Oh

Legal Advisor

  • Helped to setup 100s of crypto projects in Singapore

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