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DFI Token

The DFI token is an integral unit of account in DeFiChain. The DeFi Foundation issued roughly 600 million DFI on May 11th, 2020. The current circulating supply (with staking and liquidity mining) is available at DeFiChain Explorer.

Important: DeFi chain is a community project. There was/is no Initial Coin Offering, only free airdrops.

DFI Token utility


Pay fees for transactions, smart contracts and other DeFi activities.

Loan collaterals

Fund collaterals for loans of other cryptoassets.

Staking nodes

Fund a new staking node for 1,000,000 DFI.

DeFi Custom Token

Create new DCT with 100 DFI (non-refundable).

Budget proposal

Submit a community budget proposal for 500 DFI (non-refundable).

Initial Token Distribution

Of the 1.2 billion DFI tokens, 49% will be in the initial supply, with the rest issued to masternode holders over time.

Initial supply

Of the initial supply, 49% will be kept by the DeFi Foundation. The rest may be distributed to external partners, to fund the initial development.

DeFi Foundation
External Partners

Acquiring DFI tokens

DFI tokens will be issued to users and partners with an interest in utilizing and participating in the ecosystem.


You can now purchase DFI at these select exchanges, with more exchanges to follow.

Bittrex LATOKEN Coinpaprika CoinGecko Indoex Hotbit Bittrue

Staking platforms

DFI is now available at these select staking platforms.

Cake DeFi Hotbit


The DeFi Foundation will airdrop DFI to hodlers, market makers and other users of DeFiChain.


The DeFi Foundation gives grants to developers building functionality and dApps on DeFiChain.

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